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We are a company located in Kitchener, Ontario, specializing in custom sign solutions. We handle the creative design, the production, and the installation. From start to finish and at every step of the way, we're there! While we primarily work with vinyl, we strive to be the best at what we do, and that also involves expanding our expertise with respect to different types of media and materials.

Window Graphics

Full colour graphics

Boost your visual impact with full colour graphics. By covering the whole window, this opaque vinyl can utilize the entire surface area to maximize your message.

Perforated vinyl

Perforated vinyl lets you create window graphics that are both stunning and functional without blocking the view and light. The view is one-way (like one-way mirrors).

Frosted vinyl

Putting frosted vinyl on windows provides your business or office with privacy without sacrificing elegance and good taste. The visual texture is reminiscent of sandblasted (or etched) glass.

Die-cut stickers and decals

Die-cut vinyl is a great solution if you want to display complicated or unique shapes. If you are installing these on windows, then you have the added bonus of allowing light to pass through (since the window won't be fully covered by vinyl).

Static window clings

Static window clings are perfect if you want to display something, but only for a short time (such as promotions or deals). They are adhesive-free and can easily be removed, repositioned and reused.

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising because of its relatively low cost (in comparison to full colour graphics or other solutions). It creates a lasting impression and it is a simple but effective method of advertising. Use it to feature your contact information, business hours, and more.

Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl lettering is used to brand your vehicles, and is a great and affordable solution. It can also be used for other purposes, such as a call-to-action, or vehicle identification. Great and affordable advertising solution.

Die-cut decals

Die-cut decals are perfect if your logo includes multiple colours or if it has a complicated shape.

Car magnets

Magnets can be used in place of lettering and decals, with the added bonus of being re-usable; just pull it off and put it on a different car and you're ready to roll.

Window perforated vinyl

Create a stunning visual display on your windows without sacrificing safety.

Large Format Printing


Glossy paper posters printed in full colour, available with or without laminate. They are eye-catching and versatile. Available in 12"x18", 16"x20", and 24"x36".

Coroplast Signs

This lightweight, versatile, and weatherproof material is both economical and poignant. You can print on one side, or both, in full colour. You can insert an H-stake, which can then be inserted into the ground, or you can insert them in an A-frame, allowing you to place these signs virtually anywhere. Coroplast signs come in three different thicknesses: 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. The maximum size of our coroplast signs is 46"x46".


Banners are great for displays, decor, and more. Our banners have a smooth matte finish, and are durable. Indoor banners are not weatherproof, while outdoor banners are. Depending on what you need, the banners can have grommets, hems, and air-flow slits.

Roll-up banners

Roll-up banners are perfect if you are on the go. The premium vinyl banner is retractible, and the aluminum stand is light yet solid. It is quick and easy to both mount and stow away the banner, and the stand comes with a small bag for easy carrying. The size is 33"x80".

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